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Firmware Update

You can see the current firmware version in Home Assistant. Find your Home Buttons in the device list and click it. Firmware version is displayed in the Device info card.

Firmware Version

Firmware can be updated in two ways:

OTA is the simplest way and therefore recommended. Flash via USB only if something goes wrong with the OTA update and web interface is not accessible.

Important! Downgrading from v2.0.4 to an earlier version is not supported!

Over The Air (OTA)

  1. Find the latest firmware .bin file here and download it to your computer.

  2. Press any button for 10 seconds. Home Buttons will display instructions for connecting to a web interface. Scan the QR code or enter the local IP into a web browser.

    Setup Screen Setup Page Info

  3. Click Info and scroll to the bottom of the Info screen. Click Update. The update menu will load:

    Update Page

  4. Click Choose file and select the previously downloaded .bin file on your computer.

  5. Click Update Wait a few seconds while the firmware is downloaded to the device. When done, Update Successful message will appear in your web browser and Home Buttons will reboot.

    Update Successful

Flashing via USB

  1. Install esptool. If you already have Python installed, the easiest way is to install it using pip:

    pip install esptool

    See here for more installation details.

  2. Find the latest firmware .bin file here and download it to your computer.

  3. Open the case. See instructions here.

  4. Place device into boot mode. Press and hold the BOOT button and then press the RST button. BOOT LED will light up. Release both buttons.

    Boot Mode

  5. Connect Home Buttons to your computer using an USB-C cable.

  6. Determine port on you computer.


    Open Device Manager and check Ports section. If you're not sure which device is Home Buttons, disconnect it and then reconnect it. See which port disappears and then appears again. Remember the COM## name.

    macOS and Linux

    Run the following command twice. First with Home Buttons connected and then disconnected. The port that is present the first time and not the second is the correct one.


    ls /dev/cu*


    ls /dev/tty*

    Copy the path of the correct port.

  7. Flash the firmware using esptool. Run this command in Terminal or Command Prompt:

    python -m esptool --port PORT --after no_reset write_flash 0x10000 BIN_FILE_PATH

    Substitute PORT with port that you determined in previous step. Substitute BIN_FILE_PATH with the path of downloaded firmware .bin file.

  8. Wait a few seconds for firmware to flash. When done, you will see a confirmation in Terminal or Command Prompt window.

  9. Disconnect USB-C cable and press the RST button. Home Buttons will display Device RESET and then return to showing button labels. Firmware is now successfully updated.